Event Site accommodation

The draft plan for the Mornington Peninsula Event shows:

  • About 600 grassed non-powered sites (6x6 m).
  • Mains powered sites only available for those with a medical condition.
  • RVs & caravans will be accommodated on site in their own separate section.
  • 100+ sites allocated for Tent City.
  • Caravans and RVs are encouraged to fill their water tanks off-site before entering the event site.  
  • Electrical extension leads need to be tagged, preferably before you arrive.  There will be a tagging service on-site at $5 per item.

Offsite accommodation 

The Mornington Peninsula has in excess of 9,000 beds available ranging from caravan parks to cabins to 5 star Motels and Hotels and B & B’s. Most accommodation is within a 30km radius of the UCNR site.     Check out the link below:
The distance of Major Hotels/Motels/Caravan Parks from the AGM Event Site

Location Distance from Event Site (kms) Transit Time from Event Site (Minutes)
Mornington Gardens Holiday Village 1 3
Mornington Hotel 1.5 4
Mornington Motel  1.5 4
Brooklands of Mornington  1.8 5
Mornington Bed & Breakfast  2 6
The Royal Hotel Mornington  2.2 7
Norwood House Motel  2.3 7
Rangers Run Cottages 3 10
Frankston Motel   5 13
Big4 Mornington Peninsula Holiday Park 5 13
Birdswood Retreat 5 13
Peninsula Motor Inn 6 15
The Bay Motel  8 16
Western Port Harbour Caravan Park  9 19
Halcyon Caravan Park 9 20
Robin Park  9 20
Ponderosa Caravan Park  10 22
Note: The above are selected low-cost accommodation close to the event, there are many more to select from, refer to above link.














Can I book today? 
Yes, Visit Mornington Peninsula Information staff are on hand to facilitate your booking today. Please contact Visit Mornington Peninsula on (03) 5950 1579. The Office is open 7 days a week, from9am to
5pm.   We recommend booking early to secure hard accommodation. 


There are many different forms of accommodation available in the Mornington Peninsula Region. For all bookings and information, contact the Mornington Peninsula Visitor Information Centre & Booking Service:
Toll Free 1800 804 009 or (03) 5987 3078. 


  • Each member of the group must be registered to attend the National Rally.
  • After each member has received their confirmation documentation, the group’s nominated leader must write a brief cover letter listing the groups preferred booking name and including a copy of each person’s name and National Rally registration number details. 
  • To make the process easier for everybody, it would be appreciated if the group arrive at the venue together.
  • DO NOT post your group camp booking requests to the National Office.

All requests for group camp bookings must be received no later than 5pm Friday 15th February 2019.
Please post Group Camp Booking requests to:
Group Camp Booking Coordinator
Brian Quintal, 2019UCNR, 
c/-PO Box 2043 Werribee VIC 3030
or Email: bquintal6@bigpond.com
Contacts: 0411 273 235 
The above contact details are for Group Camp Booking requests ONLY.  
For any questions about National Rally registration, you must contact:     National Administration Office 1300 134 123


Members can hire pre-erected tents equipped with stretcher beds and mattresses for two people, two chairs and battery LED lantern lighting.
If two people are sharing a tent city structure and registered separately, the National Administration Office must be given both names and membership numbers. 
NOTE: bookings for Tent City will close on Friday 15th February 2019. No other tents will be ordered from the supplier after this date.


Companion animals must be registered to enter the National Rally Site. A $30 registration fee per animal is mandatory. Acceptance of companion animals is entirely at the discretion of the National Committee or National Rally Committee. Animals that are registered will be allowed within the campgrounds area only. Only bono fide Guide Dogs (not companion animals) will be permitted within the Trader and Food Service areas. Guide Dogs are exempt from the animal registration fee, but prior advice of their attendance is required. 
Any animal which represents a danger or potential hazard to other registrants or themselves will not be permitted within any National Rally venue. Registrants who choose to bring companion animals must:


Campsites will be unpowered (see Medical Power Campsites for special conditions). All sites will be 6M X 6M in size and will be clearly line marked. There is a number of camping supply retailers throughout the Mornington Peninsula for your convenience if you need any camping equipment.


Camping fees cover the period from 8.00am Monday 25th February 2019 until 10.00am Monday 4th March 2019. All rates have been calculated to fairly cover the cost of hiring the campground, temporary toilets and showers, security, sewage and waste removal from the area. If a campsite is shared by two people, both must register on the same registration form. No more than 2 registrants (Member + guest or 2 Members) per site.
Guest or second member camping on Rally site must pay a shared site fee.


Number of camp sites

The draft plan for the Mornington Event shows:

  1. About 600 grassed non-powered sites (6x6m)
  2. Plus 70+ RV/Caravan sites (grass surface)
  3. Plus 100+ sites allocated for Tent City
  4. More space is available…


Powered campsites are available ONLY for people with MEDICAL CONDITIONS NECESSITATING ACCESS TO A POWER SOURCE TO OPERATE MACHINES USED IN THE TREATMENT OF A CERTIFIFIED MEDICAL CONDITION. Campers requiring medical power for CPAP or portable dialysis machines etc must attach a medical certificate clearly indicating which machines will be used. If you have previously provided a medical certificate which lists this information, please note this on the registration form. Unfortunately, powered sites cannot be included in a group booking. Any member found using domestic appliances connected to a medical site power circuit risks confiscation of that appliance and may be asked to vacate the National Rally site.

Rooftop camper

How would you class a car with a tent attached to the roof racks and towing a bike on a trailer? Would I have to pay RV camping rates?
Yes - If it is a rooftop camper, it would be classed as an RV and an RV site fee will be charged.

RV site facilities

We have over 70 RV sites, which will be allocated on a first come, first served basis when you register. Power is not available for campsites or RV sites other than for approved Medical reasons. Water is not available for connecting to RV’s but filtered potable drinking water is available on-site to be collected in containers. RV’s are asked to enter the site with full water tanks and empty waste tanks. There is NO WASTE DUMP point on the Rally Site, all RV/Caravan waste is to be removed to a RV Waste Dump site. The nearest RV waste dump site is available at Mornington Gardens Holiday Village, 98 Bungower Road, Mornington (approx. 2kms from Rally site) for dump point fee. Solar powered units will be allowed.

Laundry facilities

Whilst there are no laundry facilities onsite, a pickup and delivery service by a local laundry will be available from the Parcels & Laundry Office at the main site. Details for the drop off & collection times will be in the National Rally booklet and on display at the Parcels & Laundry Office. The closest coin-op laundrette is located at Barkly Square, Mornington, approx. 3kms away from the National Rally site. Other laundrettes are situated at Balnarring, Dromana, Hastings, Rosebud, Rye, Seaford and Frankston.


Ablution blocks

There will be ground level, portable shower and toilet trucks, including disabled facilities located within the event grounds.